Welcome to Annals of Blood

Published: 2016-11-30

We are pleased to announce that Guangzhou Blood Center and AME Publishing Company have co-launched a new journal, Annals of Blood (AOB). Dr. Yongshui Fu, Chief of Guangzhou Blood Center, is the Editor-in-Chief of AOB.

Guangzhou Blood Center, a nonprofit institute committed to clinical blood supply, scientific research and education related to transfusion medicine and hematology, was established in 1960. In charge of blood quality control in Guangdong province, it devotes itself to voluntary blood donation, blood collection and preparation to ensure the clinical blood supply for more than 130 hospitals in Guangzhou.

Blood transfusion is for life-saving. This is also the position the new journal AOB stands with Guangzhou Blood Center: for better life-saving. AOB aims to be an open-minded and global forum for advanced research results, precious experience and inspiring ideas sharing, to prompt the development in transfusion medicine and hematology research. To be a highly respected interdisciplinary journal, AOB strives to create its value and provide more basis and reference for future medical researches.

As an open-access, international peer-reviewed electronic journal, AOB is dedicated to all aspects of transfusion medicine and hematology, covering transfusion clinical practice, immunohaematology, blood component collection and production, transfusion-transmitted diseases, immunogenetics, histocompatibility, haemostasis and all the other sub-specialties related to hematology. The journal features a distinguished editorial board, which brings together a team of highly experienced specialists in this field. Being an open-access electronic journal, AOB allows a rapid and widespread dissemination.

With the joint efforts of all the distinguished editorial board members, authors, reviewers and editorial staffs, we believe AOB will progress steadily, and will be a prime journal for transfusion medicine and hematology. We warmly welcome you to join us!

Editorial Office
Annals of Blood (AOB), Guangzhou 512000, China. (Email:
doi: 10.21037/aob.2016.11.01