Daniel Candotti, PhD

National Institute of Blood Transfusion, Department of Blood transmissible Agents, National Reference Centre for B & C Hepatitis and HIV in Transfusion, Paris, France

Dr. Candotti is a Senior Research Scientist and Deputy Head of the Department of Blood Transmissible Agents, National Institute of Blood Transfusion (INTS), Paris, France. He received is PhD degree in Virology in the Pierre & Marie Curie University (Paris VI), Paris, France. Dr. Candotti acquired an extensive experience in molecular virology and blood-borne virus infections working for the AIDS Research National Agency (ANRS), Laboratory of Virology, Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital, Paris, France, and in the Division of Transfusion Medicine, Department of Haematology, University of Cambridge, and National Health Service Blood & Transplant, Cambridge, UK.

Dr. Candotti is engaged in scientific researches in blood safety and transfusion-transmitted viral infections. His research work is essentially focused on molecular epidemiology and molecular mechanisms of host-pathogens interaction in persistent viral infections, mainly HBV, in blood donors. He has published more than 80 scientific papers and served in the blood transfusion safety field for 17 years.