Albert Farrugia, BSc, PhD (Edin)

Adjunct Professor, School of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, The University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia

Albert Farrugia has a thirty eight year old career in blood transfusion and haemotherapies, and has worked in transfusion centres, plasma fractionation agencies, regulatory agencies and patient advocacy groups. He has served as advisor on blood safety to the World Federation of Hemophilia and other groups, and has also served on bodies of the World Health Organisation, the European Department for Quality of Medicines, the United States Pharmacopeia and the American Association of Blood Banks. He is the recipient of the Ruth Sanger Oration Medal of the Australia and New Zealand Society for Blood Transfusion for services to the field in the Asia Pacific Region. He has contributed 170 papers and chapters to the scientific literature. He is an Adjunct Professor to the University of Western Australia. He is a philatelist and amateur painter.