Olivier Garraud, MD, PhD

Senior Consultant and Board Officer at the National Institute for Transfusion Medicine INTS in Paris, France, and Professor of Immunology with the Faculty of Medicine of Saint-Etienne, University of Lyon, France

Professor Garraud has obtained his MD degree with the faculty of medicine and University of Limoges, France, and trained in oncology and onco-haematology in Paris and Bordeaux. He then moved to the Pasteur Institute and specialized in immunology of infectious diseases and vaccinology, consulting in tropical haematology and infectious diseases. He obtained his PhD degree with the Pasteur Institute and the Paris-Pierre et Marie Curie University, and then his empowerment to supervise research programs (HDR). He next moved to the faculty of medicine of Saint-Etienne and has been appointed as the director of the regional setting of the national blood service, where he served for 12 years in this position. He then joined the Board of the National Institute for Transfusion Medicine INTS in Paris, and shares his time between Paris and Saint-Etienne. More recently he has been appointed as responsible for the education to ethics, deontology and scientific integrity with his university.

He has written/co-written near 270 publications for medical and scientific journals; he reviews for numerous journals in medicine, life sciences and humanities in medicine; he is associate editor for several journals in general sciences, immunology and transfusion medicine, and is the editor in chief of Transfusion Clinique et Biology, the official journal of the French society for transfusion medicine.

He specializes in platelet pathophysiology and inflammation in transfusion medicine, transfusion assessment in terms of risks and benefits, and ethics in transfusion.