Jianghua Ding, MD

Hematology physician, Hematology Department, The No. 171st Affiliated Hospital, Jiujiang University, Jiangxi, China

Dr. Jianghua Ding is a hematologist who graduated from the first affiliated hospital of Nanchang University and now serves as an Associate Chief physicianan in the department of hematological medicine, No. 171st Affiliated Hospital, Jiujiang University. He is the Supervisor for Masters of Hematology of Nanchang University. His doctor’s thesis has been ranked as the excellent doctor degree dissertation in Jiangxi Province of China in 2015. He dedicated himself to the diagnosis and treatment of hematological diseases and relevant studies, with special interests on molecular mechanisms of hematological maliganancies, such as lymphoma and multiple myeloma. Since 2002, he has published over 60 research articles, 40 with all as first author, including 3 SCI articles which on Medical Hypotheses (2012), European Journal of Haematology (2014), and Oncology Letter (2016) etc. As a presenter for oral presentation in the National Hematology academic conference which was held in 2016 in Suzhou, Jiangshu, China. He is one of the peer reviewers for national journals, such as Anhui Medical and Pharmaceutical Journal and Journal of Clinical and Pathological Research. He is hosting one Medical science and technology innovation project of Nanjing military region (14ZD31).