Stephen Henry, PhD

Auckland University of Technology, Auckland, New Zealand

Stephen Henry, PhD, is a biological designer, with the compelling vision that Kode Technology is a break-through technology, and the passion and courage to make it happen. His core skills are “finding answers in chaos” and visualizing concepts in 4D (thinking outside the box). His mission is to make it easy for other businesses to incorporate KodeTM Technology into their new products.

Originally trained as a medical laboratory scientist he later acquired a couple of PhD’s while resolving the serological, histochemical, biochemical and molecular genetic basis of several human blood group systems, including the collaborative discovery of FORS, the 7th human carbohydrate blood group system. Following from this research he became an entrepreneur and innovator of KodeTM Technology, which is now resulting in a large and increasing range of uses as an R&D toolbox, and in diagnostic products and therapeutic applications.  

Steve has published or presented more than 200 peer-reviewed scientific articles and is an inventor on a 27 patent family portfolio of about 120 national or regional phase applications. Steve currently holds the positions of CEO for Kode Biotech and its subsidiaries and he is also a Professor of Innovation in the School of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences at Auckland University of Technology.